Hello! I’m Nastassia Johnson, a native Angeleno, true lover of cake, an enthusiast of pie, a donut fiend – and the blogger behind Let Me Eat Cake.

My journey with food has been proverbially long and winding, beginning with lumpias and pancet in Echo Park’s Filipino restaurants and homes. Soon I became absorbed with knowing all of the possibilities of consumption and developed a voracious appetite for food and the history behind it. While sidetracked from my food obsession at UCLA, I published several papers on the social interactions of children. But nothing could keep me from my love of eating, especially of the sugary variety. Since college I’ve managed several foodie meccas around Los Angeles. Developing my restaurant industry skills and ever growing love of food, I opened The Manila Machine, LA’s first Filipino gourmet food truck.

I am consumed with knowing my city inside and out via its restaurants and food culture. I’ve been following the development of LA’s food scene for years with true hometown pride. This little blog shares my excitement for sweet!

I hope you find a little bit of sweetness here!

General Inquiries:

If you have a question or would just like to say hello, please email me theletmeeatcake@gmail.com.


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