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Sweets in NY

DOUGH, Brooklyn NY

Dough. The name says it all. This small doughnut joint in Brooklyn, NY is a doughnut lover’s paradise. You walk in and are greeted by big, fluffy, yeast raised doughnuts in a variety of mouth-watering flavors. The active ovens in the back fill the small space with the loveliest perfume of freshly baked dough. It …

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Lady M Confections NY

Imagine if you will the most fanciful, delicate, and flawlessly gorgeous confections. Think Marie Antoinette decadence; quintessentially luxurious desserts. That is the essence of Lady M cake boutique in New York.

Lady M is not your average bakery. It is dainty, pristine and, well, just perfect.  The small space is fabulously …

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Shake Shack NYC

On a beautiful Spring day, what is better than enjoying a burger and a shake in a lush green park? That’s what being American is all about right? Well, on a perfect Spring day in New York I spent the afternoon in gorgeous Madison Square Park enjoying Shake Shack.

If …

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