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sweet recipes

Pudding for a Rainy Day

It seems like lately just about every weekend here in LA has been rainy. While I love the rain, I do miss the California sun. Rainy days make me crave comfort and warmth. I love to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and a creamy pudding and listen to the rainfall. Here are a few pudding recipes …

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Let Me Eat Nutella

Last Friday the world celebrated Nutella – that ooey gooey chocolate hazelnut spread that with one lick has you hooked for life. For World Nutella Day I was honored with a rare firsthand experience in the kitchen of Joan’s on Third. I received a special lesson in the making of one …

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A Certain Lightness of Being

There is something to be said for a big, fluffy piece of Banana Pound Cake. It packs all the flavor and fragrance of Banana Bread, but with a certain lightness of being.

I like to bake as a way to keep the house warm during …

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Eat My Oatmeal Sandwich Cookie

I am a procrastinator. I put things off until the very very last possible minute. I cannot do things ahead of time, even if I have the time to do them. Instead, I get lost in tweets or become painfully distracted searching and listening to new music on iTunes. …

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December: Battle Fennel

I do not like licorice. I am, however, fond of fennel. Eaten raw it has a crispy sweet bite – the taste of anise permeates through the mouth. When roasted it is leathery and earthy, like sun dried tomatoes. An often-overlooked vegetable, fennel has an unmistakable flavor.

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