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Holiday Dessert Ideas with Sara Lee Desserts All Butter Pound Cake

For me the month of December is an exciting time of year for so many reasons – it’s the perfect weather to turn on the oven and bake, holiday parties and family gatherings, what seems like an endless supply of Christmas cookies, and an excuse to eat sweets every day! So you really could say it’s the most delicious time of year. And with all of that holiday entertaining comes the task of just what to make so I’ve put together a sweet creation that is ridiculously cute and ridiculously easy to make. It’s perfect for Christmas brunch, holiday party dessert tables, and I’d even go as far as to say to bring it to a holiday cookie swap – why not?

My favorite part about this sweet creation is that it involves my all time favorite Sara Lee Desserts All Butter Pound Cake. Let me tell you I grew up on this stuff and all these years later there is nothing I love more. With just a few simple steps you’re on your way to bringing festive Santa Hats to your next holiday celebration and I promise you that you’ll be the hit of the party with these. 

First things first, get some Sara Lee Desserts All Butter Pound Cake at your local grocer in the freezer section (and if you’re lucky you may even see their new chocolate pound cake at your market!). 

Slice the butter pound cake into a normal serving size slice (you can match the size of the image on the package). 

Next, take a small round cookie cutter to cut our your Santa hat bases from the pound cake. If you don’t have a cookie cutter small enough you can you a small shot glass to create the circle and continue cutting out the pound cake round with a knife or you can use any small round rim to get the correct shape. You can get two rounds per pound cake slice. 

To attach the strawberries to the Sara Lee Desserts pound cake rounds I used white candy melts. You can buy this at most craft stores like Michaels and they also have them available at Target. Follow the instructions on the bag to melt and put a small spoonful on top to the pound cake then place the strawberry on top. The reason I like candy melts versus whipped cream is that it hardens like a chocolate offering a nice crunch and also holds the strawberry down. With whipped cream your strawberry can slip off. 

One tiny dollop of icing on the tip of the strawberry topped with one white sprinkling pearl and you have the cutest sweet Santa Hat! 

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s sure to impress. Who wouldn’t want to eat this holiday sweet treat? Be sure to bring Sara Lee Desserts to your next celebration.

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