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DIY Holiday Donut Hole Croquembouche

If you’re a fan of pastry like I am or an avid Great British Baking Show fan, then you’ve heard of a croquembouche before. That gorgeous tower of cream puffs with caramelize sugar all around. It’s definitely a daunting feat to create for those not trained in pastry so I thought it would be fun to create an easier version of one that is just as impressive without the fun and it happens to be super family friendly too. You can make this any time of year and just change the flavors or the decorations, but mine is specifically tailored to the holidays and I intend to share this sweet treat for Christmas brunch with my family.

The secret to my super simple DIY croquembouche is Dunkin Donuts munchkins. They’re pretty readily accessible across the U.S. and the powdered sugar muchkins make for a perfectly snow covered donut hole tree!

The easiest way to achieve the cone tower is by using a styrofoam cone from the floral section of most craft stores. Line it with foil or parchment paper so the food does not touch the flaky styrofoam. Insert toothpicks to hold the donut holes in place.

Start one layer at a time and work your way up.

Repeat donut holes on toothpicks all the way around the cone as tightly as possible. You can fill in any holes with icing to hide the cone base. Once you’re almost near the end make sure it’s just one donut hole at the very top so you maintain that conical tree shape.

You can decorate it with candy rope and ornament sprinkles like I did. You can insert bay leaves or rosemary and fresh cranberries in the gaps as well for an equally festive look. The powdered sugar snow look is a great base to get creative with your holiday donut hole tree!

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  • Rani
    June 15, 2020

    Awesome thanks for sharing

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