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Where to Get a Birthday Cake in LA

Birthdays come , but one day a year… so you have to make it special! Whether it’s for your loved one, best friend, or just for yourself, these bakeries make the best cakes in LA perfect for celebrating the big day!

Cake Monkey Bakery Mini Layer Cakes

Mini Layer Cakes are one of Cake Monkey Bakery’s specialties, which means its probably one of the best things to order on the menu. They come 18 different flavors, including chocolate caramel and triple berry crumble, which all pack a sweet punch. Cake Monkey also bakes up breakfast pastries and pie, but for a birthday, the mini layer cakes should definitely be your go-to. Bloomberg even called the mini cakes “the social media star”, so your friend who likes to say “phone eats first” will definitely be a fan!

Susie Cakes Confetti Cake

Remember that box-mix with chalky, but iconic sprinkles from your child-hood? I don’t want to ruin any memories, but Susie Cakes’ version is like that, but 10 times better. It stands at an epic 6 layers and is covered in a cute retro blue frosting. Susie Cakes also makes a few other iconic flavors for layer cakes, and even allows you to customize one, but for a b-day bash, you really can’t go wrong with the vanilla celebration cake!

Erin McKenna’s Bakery Gluten Free Custom Cake

If you’re living a non-gluten diet or just trying to lay low on the gluten (or even a full gluten diet!), you’re gonna love these cakes! They are the gluten-free cakes that you would never know are lacking the all-purpose flour, we know and love. The cakes come in your fave classic flavors, like carrot cake and red velvet, so there are a lot of good options depending on your b-day craving! Also, P.S.A they now take national delivery orders online (non-LA residents, you there?)

Cafe 86 Ube Leche Flan Cupcakes

Cafe 86, in their own words, is “not your ordinary cafe”. The Ube Leche Flan Cupcakes are also anything but ordinary for a birthday cake choice-but in the most perfect way! Ube is a purple yam, so first off, these cupcakes take the cake (lol) for best color and follow through with a unique profile. The combination of the silky flan atop the fluffy violet cake is perfection!

Sweet Laurel Bakery

These are the cakes of your wedding dreams (but perfect for your b-day celebration!) The decorations are rustic, but elegant, and the naked style of frosting on the side shows of the silky, crumbly layers of the cake. Plus, the flavors are heart-eye emoji worthy: vanilla coconut jam, lavender and chocolate raspberry!

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