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Sweet of the Week | Coconut Girl Ice Cream


Just because you like to eat clean doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good dessert. Don’t believe me? Just look at Coconut Girl ice cream sandwiches. Coconut Girl makes paleo ice cream cookie sandwiches from ingredients like almond butter and coconut cream. These desserts are the first grain free, paleo cookie sandwich of its kind—and they’re going to be hard to compete with.

The founder of Coconut Girl, Frankie Yamsuan, wanted to make a guilt-free dessert for active, healthy-minded girls like herself. She qualifies them as a “healthy dessert” because their free from cane sugar; the only sweeteners in the recipe are dates, honey and maple syrup. These delicious treats come in three flavors: Hang Loose Vanilla, Aloha Chocolate and Beach Bum Maple, and you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them. Grab yourself a “healthy dessert” from your local Southern California health food store or Sunlife Organics smoothie shop.

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