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DIY Easter Sweet Treats

Sharing some super simple and fun family friendly treats. Catch my KTLA segment for all the recipes listed out below.

• Edible Easter Basket Easy to make Easter baskets that you can eat too. Made with rice crispy and fruit pebbles treats formed into a bowl and filled with shredded coconut and your favorite Easter candy. You can even use it as a dessert bowl at the end of Easter brunch. Super simple to whip up. Surprise your kids Easter morning or make and fill them together with the kids. 
• Carrot Strawberries on Carrot CupcakesThese strawberries disguised as carrots are the perfect topping to a cake or cupcakes for Easter. Made with only two ingredients, orange candy melts and fresh strawberries, they’re a fun craft for the family. And if you don’t feel like making your own cake head over to Lark Cake Shop for the perfect carrot cake cupcakes.  
• Decorated Donut Holes Skip the Easter eggs and have Easter donuts instead. I’ve taken Dunkin Munchins and decorated them in pastel frostings and toppings to make a festive and sweet Easter treat. The whole family can sit around getting creative with their donut holes and enjoy them together with brunch. Donuts are definitely tastier than an Easter egg.  
• Skillet Peeps S’mores It isn’t Easter without Peeps! And what better way to enjoy them than toasted and hot from the skillet. This easy to make recipe is a fun play on skillet s’mores that is perfect for your Easter celebration. And if you don’t want to make your own treat, but want something with Peeps head over to Dunkin Donuts for their Peeps donuts or Dough & Arrow in Costa Mesa for their Peeps cookies. 
• Chocolate Covered Matzoh And if you celebrate Passover we’ve got something for you too! Just like the rest this recipe is only a few ingredients and you can really have fun with it. Matzoh is topped with homemade toffee and chocolate. You can also add shredded coconut, toasted nuts, and more. I make sure to top mine with some sea salt to finish. And if you don’t want to make your own you can head over to Cake Monkey and pick up theirs called ‘Passover Crack’! 


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