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Sweet of the Week |Salted Caramel Babka Roll at the Sycamore Kitchen

Located on South La Brea just by the Grove, tucked away behind its beautiful patio space, is the Sycamore Kitchen. Calling itself an “urban bakery-eatery”, the Sycamore Kitchen comes from the same people behind Odys and Penelope to serve up an incredible breakfast and lunch. Though its perfectly tossed salads and warm breakfast bowls are probably what you’ve been recommended here, you should definitely not skip out on their pastries. And one pastry, their signature salted caramel babka roll, stands out among the rest.

This roll is incredible. It would be easy to confuse this delectable work of art with your average cinnamon bun, but do not be fooled. This warm, comforting pastry is doused in a gooey salted caramel sauce that just hits the spot. To finish, it’s sprinkled with chopped pecans that add the perfect crunchy texture. Here’s a pro tip: although it may be hard, it’s worth waiting a few extra minutes for a fresh batch to come out of the oven.

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