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Best Sweets at the LA County Fair

This season, Chevrolet is sponsoring the L.A. County Fair and I got to test out an all-electric Bolt EV for my drive down. The Bolt EV was the perfect vehicle to get there since it’s about an hour drive from where I live in LA so I loved being able to get there all-electric and save on gas. The Chevy Bolt EV can go a longer distance when fully charged than I would have imagined (the Bolt EV has 238 Miles of EPA estimated EV range) and it’s so cozy and comfy which made the long drive all the more enjoyable. Added bonus, it has Apple Car Play which I’m obsessed with. It reads your texts or emails to you so you can don’t text and drive and it can even reply. Suffice it to say I headed to the fair in comfort and style.

Now for the tasty part. As much as I want to eat every treat in sight at the LA County Fair I know I have only one stomach so I planned ahead to seek out three sweet treats!
I started with the cotton candy ice cream sandwich from Chicken Charlies. This was a fun way to kick off my Sunday Funday. I’d seen these colorful treats on Instagram and while I worried it would be too sweet it was perfection. The vanilla ice cream perfectly balanced the cotton candy and it was so delicious. It’s definitely a MUST if you head to the fair. And best part you’re already right there to order some savory bites to help keep you going for more sweet finds. I recommend the Fair Special which includes chicken strips, the best zucchini fries (think batter zoodles), and onions rings.
I had all intention of seeking out the Texas Size Donut, but alas got side tracked by the colorful Candy Factory stand. I’m a sucker for cotton candy and while I just enjoyed some in ice cream sandwich form I couldn’t resist getting a more. I ordered the regular pink cotton candy on a stick and was so pleased with my choice. It was one of the freshest and fluffiest cotton candies I’ve had in a long time. And a great treat to enjoy while walking around to different rides and games.
Last sweet stop of the day was the famed bucket of chocolate chip cookies from Cathy’s Cookies. You can find it on Farm Road in the fair. They sell individual cookies, cones of cookies, and buckets of freshly baked cookies. I opted for the bucket because you gotta go big! They were hot, delicious, and made for the best car snack on the drive home.
Can’t wait to hit the fair next year. And hoping it will be in a Bolt again too!

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