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Celebrate National Ice Cream Day in LA


In July we celebrate National Ice Cream Month and not just because it’s hot out and it’s the perfect ice cream weather, but because in 1984 by President Ronald Regan declared through Presidential Proclamation that the month of July would be National Ice Cream Month and he signed it into public law. So we have been celebrating ever since! Thank you Mr. President we will happily celebrate summer with some ice cold treats. And what better way to celebrate our favorite frozen dessert than with a selection of ice cream in it’s many fun forms from pies to scoops to sandwiches.

Watch the clip for the full breakdown of my pics and for more information I’ve added more details about each spot in the blog post below!

Cooling Down at Local Ice Cream Hot Spots with Nastassia Johnson

Magpies Softserve is a chef driven softserve and pie shop helmed by husband & wife team Warren & Rose Schwartz. This family run business has two locations, one in Silverlake and the other in Tarzana. They make their soft serve mix and all toppings in house with the goal of expanding on the traditional (and expected) flavors like vanilla and chocolate, by creating unique iterations that bring them — and their customers — back to childhood, as well as flavors that inspired them to become chefs. They also make a changing selection of softserve pies which are available daily. Since everything is made from scratch at Magpies they are able to offer both dairy and non-dairy (vegan) flavor in their softserve and pies. There is something for everyone here.

Dream Pops are the first superfood ice cream on the market created by a three-star Michelin chef, made with plant-based ingredients. There are zero artificial flavors, dyes, gum, or corn syrup. Each Dream Pop is made with real ingredients using coconut milk and coconut blossom sugar. They’re a ‘better for you’ indulgence. And they’re launching their nationwide direct-to-consumer launch on their website on today – National Ice Cream Day!

McConnell’s, the Santa Barbara darling with locations in Grand Central Market and Studio City, churns small batch ice cream using milk and cream from their own creamery. They’re actually a 70 year old family run business that is a Dairy that makes ice cream rather than just an ice cream brand. Their ice creams are rich, creamy and leave you wanting more. They use quality locally sourced and organic ingredients in their ice creams. Their flavors range from classic to seasonally specific. They are deliciously modern yet homey. Even if it is just a taste, be sure to their sea salt cookies and cream it is one of my favorites!

MILK is an ice cream parlor and bakeshop based out of Los Angeles. All of their products are handmade using only all natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives. They were the first ice cream parlor to make the french macaron ice cream sandwich, which is their most popular item. Alongside their ice cream sandwiches they also offer ice cream by the scoop, milkshakes, sundaes, home made drumsticks and ice cream bars, along with fresh  baked cookies, brownies, blondies, rice crispy treats and more.

These are a particular flavor because they are both nostalgic and uniquely flavored. Crème Caramel LA‘s Custard Pops are like an upgraded Fudgesicle of our childhood. Rich and creamy and available in vanilla and Ube (Purple Yam) at both Crème Caramel LA in Sherman Oaks and FrankieLucy Bakeshop in Silverlake.


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