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The Best Pancakes in Los Angeles

Counting down to weekend brunch and these buckwheat pancakes from Mardi Restaurant. I’m really picky when it comes to pancakes, they need to be the right texture and flavor. Not too fluffy, not dry, with a touch of flavor be it from the flour or buttermilk. So many pancakes are giant overly fluffy stacks that tastes like cardboard and what’s the point in that.
Here are a few other places in LA to get a great stack of pancakes…

• Joans on Third for the perfect fluffy buttermilk pancake.

• Fred62 for a great stack, but their flavor shines best in silver dollar form.

The Griddle Cafe for oversized super fun flavored pancakes. Pro tip: you can order just a single giant pancake you don’t have to get a stack.

• The Sycamore Kitchen for their buttermilk rye pancakes with salted butter.

Have a favorite spot? Let me know in the comments!

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