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Manresa Bread Now Offers Nationwide Shipping

Not sure if you all are familiar with Manresa Bread, an artisanal bakery located in Northern California which takes pride in its house-milled flour and handcrafted breads and pastries, but I’m here to tell you you should know who they are AND they are also conveniently offering nationwide shipping now!

Conceived in the kitchen of Chef David Kinch’s 3-star Michelin Manresa restaurant, Manresa Bread is a neighborhood bakery featuring an ever-changing selection of bread and pastries. Under the direction of Head Baker and Partner Avery Ruzicka, Manresa Bread strives to source the best artisanal products available, from grains and cereals to produce and dairy, creating their best interpretation of classic bread and pastries using time-honored techniques, fermentation processes, and baking traditions.

Manresa Bread mills more than 90% of its flours in-house, which makes it possible for the bakery to offer products that withstand shipping without the use of preservatives. Manresa Bread stocks a rotating selection of sourdough loaves as well as sweet and savory pastries created for the season. Items are available for pre-order and pick-up at Manresa Bread’s retail spaces, and the bakery also offers nationwide shipping of bread and select pastries.

Manresa Bread just introduced its newest menu item, Chocolate Walnut Babka which is to die for. Ooey gooey chocolatey goodness. It is great as it or served up as french toast for Sunday Brunch. This fall, they’re offering a seasonal version of the cake as well made with Pistachio and Cranberry. Yum!

My favorite of their pastries is their large 8-inch Kouign Amann. I’m a sucker for a good kougin amann with all of it’s caramelized sugar crunchy sweetness and this one does not disappoint. A laminated dough with layer up butter layer of shattering dough and a doughy dense center.


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