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The Best Holiday Sweets at Disneyland

The holidays at Disneyland are one of my favorite time to visit the park. The temps drop, the decorations come out, and if you’re lucky there are less crowds. My favorite part of course is all the seasonal sweet treats Disneyland has to offer during the holidays!

First stop is Main Street and the Candy Palace. This shop is a sweets lover’s dream carrying an array of candies, chocolates, and a pastry case chock full of cake pops, caramel apples, cookies, and more.

BONUS: most of treats got a cute holiday make-over Santa hat and all

At the end of Main Street is the Jolly Holiday Bakery. They have desserts you can’t find anywhere else in the park like the Matterhorn Macaroon

…and the oversized Raspberry Rose Mickey macarons.

Can’t make a trip to @Disneyland without stopping at the Mint Julep Bar for Mickey shaped beignets. And they have a special candy cane beignet for the holidays too!

And if you’ve got a park hopper pass and spend some time at Disney’s California Adventure be sure to stop by Cozy Cone Motel. Their ice cream cone stand offers a crushed candy cane topping during the holidays!

Another California Adventure gem is Kayla’s Bakery – a cute macaron cart located between Cars Land and Paradise Pier. My favorite treat here is the birthday cake macaron pop!

Hope you had fun checking out seasonal desserts at Disneyland with me and fingers crossed you get to head over there before the new year!

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