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Sweet News | Margarita’s Homemade Iced Cream

Scratch|Restaurants expands into Santa Barbara this Fall at the beautiful Montecito Inn. Margarita’s Homemade Iced Cream is pastry chef Margarita Kallas-Lee’s debut concept within the Scratch|Restaurants portfolio at the Inn. Her namesake iced cream bar will serve up thoughtfully composed cones, combining flavors and textures such as triple-crème camembert iced cream with sourdough breadcrumbs, wild honey and lavender sprinkles in a sourdough waffle cone, or earthy hojicha iced cream in a charcoal cone with matcha, carrot and turmeric sprinkles.

I recently got to try her tripple creme cheese ice cream cone at Woodle Proper in Encino and it knocked my socks off. Margarita and her husband Phillip Frankland Lee make all of their cheeses for Scratch|Bar & Kitchen and Woodley Proper with StepLadder Creamery in Cambria. Margarita used their triple creme cheese (specially made for their restaurants) and folded in homemade sourdough breadcrumbs, vanilla, organic heavy whipping cream and eggs to make the ice cream. This incredibly decadent ice cream is served in a sourdough cone with StepLadder Ranch honey, hints of vanilla and nutmeg as well as high protein flour to create a crispy cone. She tops the ice cream with lavender sprinkles for an extra into of awesome.
In describing the triple creme cheese, Margarita says “it is a pseudo-traditional camembert in the sense that it is soft inside, super creamy, and easy on the palate. However, our triple crème is slightly more acidic than others, it’s a balance of creaminess, salinity and acidity. Because the cheese itself is so delicate yet complex – with its grassy, funky, pungent, vegetal, lavender, earthy notes – it makes for a perfect ice cream.”
This is one of many examples of the ‘composed cones’ that Margarita will be serving at her new shop, Margarita’s Handmade Iced Cream. Are you excited? I know I am.
Photo credit: Jakob Layman

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