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Sweet S’more Options Are All The Crave on Pinterest

The official first day of summer is coming up, and it has got me dreaming of some iconic desserts that go perfectly with the warm weather. In addition to melty ice cream and popsicles, I am reminiscing about campfire nights under the stars with a melty s’mores in my hand. Summer reminds me of going camping with friends, setting up a roaring fire, and toasting marshmallows while listening to the nighttime summer sounds. Searches for campfire desserts on Pinterest is up +55% this year. I’m guilty of being part of that search! In an effort to satisfy my summer cravings and celebrate the warm months, I have found unique s’mores treats around Los Angeles, without even pitching a tent!

Mallow Mallow- gourmet S’mores

Ella S’more special flavor made an appearance this year at Coachella, but this store sells these gourmet treats year round. You can find the Smore-ologists popping up at events around Los Angeles, or have them cater your next birthday party with a S’more Service!

Gotta Have S’more

Their mini-muffin shaped treats are a new twist on the classic treat. A graham cracker cup case is topped with a toasted marshmallow, and dipped in a unique chocolate flavor. They have seasonal and special flavors, such as Peanut Butter & Jelly and Salted Caramel. All of their selections are available online for nationwide shipping, too!

Kettle Glazed Donuts

This shop is infusing two of my favorite desserts- donuts and s’mores! Their S’mores donut is a classic cake donut filled with gooey marshmallow fluff and topped with melted chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, and more marshmallow.

This s’mores trend is not only making its way to new desserts, but keeping its classic take as well! See how you can make your favorite fireside treat in a new, creative way this summer via Pinterest. Whether you’re deep in the woods, or just hanging in your backyard, this summer is all about easy-to-make, outdoor dessert recipes.

Check out some of my saved s’mores favorites here!

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