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The Sweet Side of Downtown Santa Monica


I love that in Los Angeles I continue to be able to explore and discover my own city. Having grown up here I’ve watch the city change, grow, and transform. It’s been amazing to experience. One of the biggest changes I’ve seen has been with L.A.’s food scene. Each neighborhood in L.A. has it’s own culinary treasures and treats to discover.

I recently went west to spend the day in Santa Monica. For those familiar with L.A. you know that the city’s expanse makes traveling east and west seem like you are on a mini vacation sometimes and this sweet filled day exploring Downtown Santa Monica felt like just that. If you are looking to enjoy some time next to the beach mixed with some walking around and shopping in between then Downtown Santa Monica is just the ticket and here are five sweet treats to check out.



True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is a great place to grab some lunch. Their menu offers health-driven seasonal eats. Best part you won’t feel bad ordering dessert while you are at it since you had such a well balanced meal. And while they focus more on gluten-free and vegan options, the desserts here are delicious. They usually have a seasonal pie, in this case key-lime and also a pudding or flan. If you had to choose one, but why choose one, I would say grab the coconut chia flan I promise there will not be one bite left after you try it!




Looking for an ice cold treat? Stickhouse offers an array of fruity and creamy gelato on a stick. You can have it as is or dip it in chocolate and coat it with toppings. There is something for everyone here. They even offer a Golden Hour discount so you can grab that perfect beach sunset popsicle Instagram pic.



New to Santa Monica this French café offers freshly baked croissants, pastries, tarts and cakes. The croissant is a buttery delight, but the real show stopper was their gluten-free sugar free berry cake. I know gasp, Let Me Eat Cake going GF and sugar-free I have to admit I surprised myself too, but while I was skeptical at first one bite changed my tune. It tastes every bit as good as a gluten full sugary sweet. Don’t believe me? Go check it out for yourself.



The Georgian

The Georgian Hotel is 1940’s Old Hollywood charm nestled next to the beach. Pop in to enjoy brunch on the veranda with ocean views. They have a French toast soufflé that is worth the visit alone!



Vanilla Bakeshop

Because cake is always a good idea, you should make a stop at Vanilla Bakeshop. They have a rotating selection of flavors in regular and cupcake babies. They also carry whole cakes, cookies, bars, cake pops, and tarts. My go to are the perfectly bite sized cupcake babies.

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