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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! How are you celebrating? I recently read on NBC that Americans eat an average of 18,928 cookies in a lifetime — with chocolate chip cookies top of the list of the treats that Americans bake and consume most. Those are some crazy numbers, but I can’t say I’m not guilty of this. While you could definitely whip up a batch using your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, probably the most searched recipe on the internet, would it be more fun to save yourself the trouble and pick up a great cookie at one of these great bakeries in LA? That’s what I’m going to do. Here are some of my favorite places for cookies, specifically of the chocolate chip kind.



Milk Jar Cookies will be celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie day today by opening their doors for the day (they’re typically closed on Mondays) to offer cookie fans a free Chocolate Chip Cookie with purchase of any item. Yes, you can really roll in for a cup of coffee and walk out with a free cookie.
5466 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

by CHLOE Need a cookie spot that everyone can enjoy? This vegan spot in Silver Lake (their first location outside of New York!) has lots of yummy options to help you celebrate the day! Come in for a gooey Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookie to finish off your plant-based meal. Everyone can enjoy a sweet treat here though, as they are also known for their delicious gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and other allergy-conscious sweets!
2520 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles 11 am- 10 pm

The Dirty Cookie Known for their cookie milk shots, The Dirty Cookie will be having some sweet deals to celebrate the holiday. Those in Orange County can come into their Tustin shop and partake in their happy hour: buy two cookies and get one free!
2493 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 12- 9pm

Diddy Riese This highly-raved bakery in Westwood is worth the 30 minute waiting line. Come in on Monday for a gooey Chocolate Chip cookie, or one of their other fresh-made cookie creations, for a whopping 35 cents each. Celebrate even more and indulge in a build-your-own ice cream sandwich, two warm cookies of choice filled with your pick from the selection of Dreyer’s ice cream flavors available.
926 Broxton Ave, Westwood, CA 11 am- 12 am

Here are some great chocolate chip cookie options beyond LA as recommended by some of my friends!


Zingerman’s Ann Arbor

My pal Valentina recently moved from Los Angeles to Ann Arbor. While we miss her dearly we are so jealous of her access to Zingerman’s! They have a pretty killer chunky chocolate chip cookie out there and in her words “the ingredients are what take this cookie to another level—it’s made with Muscovado brown sugar, Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, and Wisconsin sweet butter. It’s not overly sweet, and the texture is crisp, which I love. It also has big chunks of semi-sweet chocolate and toasted walnuts!” People can order it via They don’t sell them separately on the site, but if you contact them, they’ll create special orders for customers.

follow her on Instagram @eastsidefoodbites


Levain Bakery New York

My dear college friend Leandra lives in NYC so I turned to her for chocolate chip cookie advice. Naturally she too loves the chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery. As she describes it “ It is always fresh out of the oven when you get it and chocolate chip walnut is my favorite! It’s delicious and gooey inside, with a crisp outer layer. Perfectly done!”

follow her on Instagram @LeandraRae


The Cravory San Diego

I have an Instagram friend, yes it’s a real thing. We chat all the time on the gram and follow each others every dessert adventure. So when wondering where to get the best chocolate chip cookie in San Diego I turned to her. Kristen suggest The Cravory and says “It has a perfect balance of chewy and crispy with a rich brown buttery flavor, three different types of Guittard chocolate, bittersweet chocolate chunks, semi-sweet and milk chocolate. Then the sprinkle of sea salt really packs a punch. They call is the Ultimate CCC, I would agree with the name. There is something extra special about the mix of chocolate.”

follow her on Instagram @firstcomeslatte


Sweedeedee Portland

I’ve admired Jade’s Instagram for years now. She has a sweet tooth like me and always enjoys the best afternoon sweets that she also paints! So I asked if she could share her favorite Portland Chocolate Chip Cookie and here is her pick – Sweedeedee, which is housed in what was once a Kaleidoscope factory in Northeast Portland, is a cafe that makes all of their own sweets and treats, one of the best being their chocolate chip cookies. They layer, thick chipped slates of chocolate, so you get layers of soft cookie and slightly melty chocolate in every bite. They are a perfect combination of bitter sweet and salty. Plus, they don’t chimp you on size, with each cookie being four whole inches across, with the perfect chocolate to cookie ratio, because honestly I like my cookies with more chocolate than cookie.

follow her on Instagram @jade_melissa

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