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Museum of Ice Cream | Los Angeles


The Museum of Ice Cream is a real thing. So are ice cream fairies and rainbow sprinkle pools. Basically this museum is one big Instagram dream, you will hardly notice the art you will be taking so many pictures. If you love ice cream and you love pop culture-esq art then the Museum of Ice Cream is for you. It’s a fun Willy Wonka like 10 room gallery of ice cream fun. Here are some highlights from my preview visit last week. To keep some of the fun alive I’ve left out a lot that hopefully you will get to experience yourself.

You are greeted at the entrance and invited to enjoy some chocolate before entering through a perfectly pink door into the first exhibit of the museum. Don’t miss this pink telephone room. Seriously, pick up a phone because you are in for a silly and rather hilarious treat on the other end of the line. (see the full highlight video below)





There is in fact ice cream here. You can enjoy a scoop of McConnell’s ice cream shortly after entering, but it must be consumed in the room in which you receive it before you move on. No problem here because we love ice cream!




And there are other treats too like a handful of gummy bears with accompanying gummy bear inspired art. This is just some of the many thoughtfully curated and definitely ice cream themed rooms! Treats abound in this sensory overload of color and sweetness. It is definitely something to experience if only to jump into the 100 million plastic rainbow sprinkle pool.

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