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What to Eat at Coachella 2017

Coachella is definitely as much about the food as it is about the music. Over the years the food options have grown, developed, and become downright drool-worthy. With only three days and over 100 vendors how could you possibly even scratch the surface of all the deliciousness? Well you can’t so you have to go in with a plan and some key interests to make sure you enjoy the best of what Coachella food has to offer.


MallowMallow – Ella S’mores (Across from Sahara Tent)

All throughout the grounds you can find a tasty treat, but this one takes the cake. Mallow Mallow offers torched to order s’mores. You can go classic homemade marshmallow, homemade graham cracker and chocolate sauce or opt for the Coachella special Ella like I did which includes a homemade funfetti marshmallow!
* Also worth enjoying out and about around the grounds :
Arepas -you can get them at stand alone booths near the Outdoor Stage, near Main Stage and around Gobi and Mojave. Cheesy, gooey, corn cakes that are so satisfying.
Spicy Pie – if you leave having eaten just one thing make is a slice from spicy pie. Hot, fresh, and just damn good pizza.


POT – Fruity Pebble Rice Crispy Treats (Main VIP)

Rice crispy treats are always a good idea, especially when they are chock full of fruity pebbles. This treat from POT will satisfy any sweet tooth and is easy to take on the go for when then munchies strike.



If you are looking for a healthier sweet treat alternative may I suggest a matcha shake from Matcha Bar made with homemade almond ice cream. Sweet tooth cravings satisfied without the guilt and with an added caffeine kick.
* Also worth enjoying in Main VIP:
Hanjip– bulgogi bowl; Sunny Blue– salmon musubi; Badmaash– chicken tikka poutine fries; Sweetfin Poke– any of their oh so yummy poke bowls.



Outstanding in the Fields (Rose Garden)

Outstanding in the Field is by far one of my favorite experiences at Coachella and one worth investing in. If you don’t have a VIP ticket this grants you access to the Rose Garden VIP which is a plus. Beyond access to VIP you get an incredible seated four-course dinner by celebrated chefs from LA and beyond. And did I mention the welcome cocktail and wine pairing throughout dinner. I’ve gone the past two years and each time the dessert has been exceptional!
* Also worth enjoying in the Rose Garden:
Mamacita Cantina– try chef Ricardo Zarrate’s ceviches; Kazu Nori– yummy hand rolls; McConnell’s Ice Cream– ice cream duh; Paper Planes- raclette topped tots.






Churro Soft Serve Sundae (Boardwalk/Terrace)

There is plenty to enjoy even if you do not have a VIP ticket. This year’s Boardwalk and Terrace area feature some of the best food in the festival, my favorite of which was the churro sundaes. Find this at the stand with the sign CHURROS. They serve a variety of churros flavors from classic cinnamon sugar to salted caramel or fruity pebbles. The warm fried to order churros are placed in a cup of soft serve with even more toppings. It’s a big cup of delicious.
* Also worth enjoying at the Boardwalk:
Fritzi Coop – chicken sandwich; Go Get Em Tiger – coffee; MilkBox – milk teas.



Bludsos – Key Lime Pie (Beer Garden)

Make your way past the Terrace to find the Beer Garden for more eats. It’s not hard to miss just follow the giant illuminated sign that reads Craft Beer. Here you will find more mouthwatering food options, a craft cocktail area, craft beer, and a hidden Tiki bar. The thing not to miss in this area though is Bludsos. Not only do you get some of the best BBQ, but a killer slice of key lime pie from Nicole Rucker to end the meal on a sweet note. I sadly didn’t get to try this one, but you can read more about it from Andy Wang here.
*Also worth enjoying in the Craft Beer Barn: Fat Dragon!!!



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