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Otis Spunkmeyer Golden Creme Cake Ice Cream Cones

Summer is here and it’s officially ice cream season! While I love a good scoop of ice cream, it can sometimes be a messy affair. So I decided to skip the mess, but still enjoy an ice cream inspired treat this summer.

Otis Spunkmeyer Golden Crème Cake ice cream cones are the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too. They are a super simple treat to make with just a few steps to assembly. The Otis Spunkmeyer Golden Crème Cakes are perfect for cake balls because you can skip the two step process of making cake and then making frosting, they come perfectly packaged as one and roll together so easily – available at your local Walmart, Gelson’s, Amazon Fresh and other retailers nationwide. These sweet treats can be made in advance for a party or you can even host a summer DIY party around creating these cute little cones in all sorts of colors and with a sundae bar of toppings. They are the cutest desserts that will wow your party guests and make for the perfect activity with your kids. No party necessary to enjoy these crème cake cones, but it is certainly a fun excuse to throw one! Keep reading to see the step by step recipe! 


First you will need a box of Otis Spunkmeyer Golden Crème Cakes, a box of mini ice cream cones, a bag of confetti candy melts and your favorite sprinkles. Take your Otis Spunkmeyer Golden Crème Cakes out of their packaging and place into a mixing bowl. Using your hands or a fork mix together all of the crème cakes until filling and cake are well incorporated.


Line a quarter sheet pan with parchment paper and set it aside. Roll your crème cake mixture into 1 inch balls and set on the parchment lined baking sheet. Place these in the freezer for 15 minutes to harden.

Just before you are ready to dip the Otis Spunkmeyer Golden Crème Cake balls and not a minute sooner, prepare your candy melts. Place the confetti candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and microwave them according to the directions on the package.


Dip the top of the mini cones into the candy melts and place a golden crème cake ball on top of each cone. The candy melt on the cone will bind the cake to the cone so it will not fall off when dipping later.


Get all of your cone tops dipped and the crème cake bolls on the top. Once you have everything together, allow them harden for a few minutes in the refrigerator or on the counter top if it is not too warm.


Once the cones and the golden crème cake balls are firmly attached dipped them into the candy melts being sure to coat the entire surface.



Once coated you are going to want to top these ice cream cones with your favorite sprinkles right away before the candy melt coating cools.


Repeat with remaining golden crème cake cones. Enjoy!

This fun take on a summer ice cream cone is a great snack to make with the kids. Surprise your summer BBQ guests with a sweet cone of cake that looks just like their favorite ice cold treat!


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