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Ice Cream Break | Scoops Westside

End of the week… time for an ice cream break!

Scoops Westside is the solution to your ice cream cravings. They offer 10-12 different flavors daily (follow them on Twitter or fan them on Facebook to see each days delectable offerings). Scoop’s is run by the charming Matt Kang, say hi if you stop by he is awesome!

Their brown bread ice cream is one of favorite flavors. Sure the salty banana oreo is great and the apple pie ice cream too, but the brown bread is wonderfully simple and perfect. Sweet creamy caramel loveliness studded with Grape Nuts that have a delicate softness from sitting in the ice cream. It has a rich nutty sweetness that I just love. Each Grape Nut filled bite is nostalgic for me and makes me remember loving soggy Grape Nuts for breakfast as a child. Did you eat Grape Nuts? Seems like a strange cereal for a kid to like but I did. And hey, since there is cereal involved, could brown bread be breakfast? Ice cream for breakfast, let’s try it.

Sitting in Scoops Westside with a cup of brown bread enjoyed with one of their cute and colorful spoons is all I need for the perfect afternoon ice cream break. And they have fresh coffee too! A coffee and ice cream break all in one – a great way to end the week.

check out their awesome video… and go get some ice cream!



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