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Ice Cream Break | Short Order Custard Shakes

It is hot! I’m melting kinda hot! So naturally I want ice cream. Ice cream really is so much better in the summer time. So shall we take an ice cream break?

Or how about a shake break? Great when you are on the go and need a cold refreshment. Short Order offers some incredible custard shakes. While I love a good milk shake, custard shakes really bring more to the table. Short Cake makes the sweet custard that is the base of all of Short Order’s custard shakes. They use Strauss dairy for their custard and it is churned at a slow pace. Custard shakes have a higher fat content than regular ice cream shakes, which gives them that thick velevty wonderful texture. Coffee malt is one of my favorites. Coffee fix plus shake break all in one.

If you are a fan of the vanilla custard shake from Shake Shack in New York then give the vanilla custard shake at Short Order a try it is equally as amazing. Each tahitian vanilla filled sip and I am whisked back to Madison Square Park and wonderful Shake Shack memories. When I first had this vanilla shake I was so thankful to have finally found a cure for my Shake Shack craving right here in LA.

If you’re feeling lucky, try ordering the off-menu special Black Forrest custard shake. So rich, so chocolatey, so wonderful. Best part is enjoying the luxardo cherry on top!

Take an ice cream break, you deserve it.

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  • Gastronomer
    August 15, 2012

    I’m diggin your photography, Nastassia!

  • Sasha
    October 31, 2012

    Mmm… The only problem with the Shake Shack custards is that you can’t eat them as fast as you really want to because they’re quite solid. But I guess these shakes combat the problem!
    Great site 😉

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