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Short Cake LA Winner!

and the winner is…

Krista Simmons

BUT Krista is sweet enough  to share the cake and I want to help! So I’ve added to the pot and now 3 of you (Krista Simmons, Justin Mak and Kate @ Savour Fare) win a $15 gift certificate each to enjoy coffee and a treat or a couple of sweet treats your choice at Short Cake LA!

AND if your are lucky enough to get there when Brioche Donuts are hot out of the oven get one. More brioche-y than donut-y but still buttery delicious and coated in cinnamon sugar love!

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1 Comment
  • krista simmons
    May 10, 2012

    So excited to share a piece of the pie, errrr cake, with you all! Thanks so much for putting this comp on, Nastassia. Now let’s go eat some cake!!!

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