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A Frame LA | Culver City

photo credit : Cathy Chaplin/ Gastronomy Blog

The Roy Choi Express chugs along this time to A Frame, a modern picnic.

This time Cathy and I were joined by our lovely friend and Good Girl Dinette owner Diep.

Like our first stop at Chego on this Roy Choy Choo, A Frame desserts blew my mind. Beth on the sweets is a sugar mastermind.  Innovative and perfectly executed, these simple desserts had playful and pleasing flavors and textures.

The churros are appropriately named Chu Don’t Know Mang because I had no idea churros could taste this good. Unlike a classic churros light with a hollow center, these churros are poundcake cinnamon churros that are magically dense and fluffy at the same moment.  They have thick rich custardy innards with a cinnamon sugar crusted skin almost like a French toast stick. I hate to admit it but have you ever had the French toast sticks from Jack n the Box for breakfast? They are kind of like those but 100 times better, you get the idea. They come with a luscious malted chocolate milk and a side of vanilla ice cream. Get a little of all three in one bite and then you’ll know Mang!

photo credit: Cathy Chaplin/ Gastronomy Blog

Banana Bacon Cream Pie. That is really all you need to know. That and it comes with salty crumbles of bacon brittle on top, the crust is made with bacon and the bananas are caramelized with bacon fat. Yeah. I know. The crust was a little too thick for me but the filling, I could have eaten bowls full!

So you wanna ride the Roy Choi Express on over to A Frame?

Dinner, drinks and desserts are all worth the ride.



12565 Washington Blvd

Los Angeles CA 90066

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  • Gastronomer
    April 27, 2012

    Mang, that night was the best! I want more churros! I want more pie!

  • Asmita
    April 27, 2012

    The banana pie looks awesome!

  • Esi
    April 27, 2012

    The only time I went to A-Frame, I was too full from the dinner to have dessert. Booo hoooo 🙁

  • Banana Wonder
    April 28, 2012

    I have had those Jack in the Box sticks, and I will have to try A’s version when I move back down there. .. and get on that dinner train too!

  • Diana
    April 30, 2012

    Funny, I would never think about A Frame as a destination for dessert! It’s a good thing you exist to keep me in the loop about all things sweet! Have you been to Cooks County yet? They have a wonderful pastry chef there… I would know, I recently ordered the entire dessert menu. 😉

  • Nastassia
    April 30, 2012

    Diana – I’ve been for lunch and LOVED the strawberry short cake must go back and try more desserts there!

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