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Filling My Pie Hole | Best Pies in Los Angeles

pie is the new cupcake

Hey it’s me, you know, the girl who loves sweets. I haven’t been around here much in the past few months I know. Just a muffin recipe here and there or maybe an awesome sundae find. But I’m still around and still getting my hands on all the sweets I can find, I’ve just been a bit busier than usual with new exciting projects. You know what I’ve been doing most lately (besides working)? Eating pie! Yes pie, all kinds of pie, every flavor of pie. Maybe I’m still holding on to Thanksgiving? I don’t know. What I do know is that I love pie and it is my latest obsession.

Can we all agree that pie is the new cupcake?  Ok great, now let’s eat some! I’d love to know where you get your favorite pie, so please share your favorite pie finds with me in the comments below. Who knows – you may turn me on to a new pie find to continue my oh so unhealthy obsession (fingers crossed).

Here are a few of my favorite pies around LA-

Best Classic Apple:  Apple Pan or Jones of Hollywood

Best Fruit Filled: Cranberry with Pecan Crumble from Short Cake Bakery

Best Cream or Custard Filling: Banana Cream and/or Key Lime Pie from Clementines

Best Hand Pies:  Blackberry and/or Cherry from Village Bakery

Best Pie Delivery: fruit+flour’s Pie of the Month Club



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