Let me tell you a little bit about speculoos and why you should love it if you aren’t already a huge admirerer and then we can talk muffins. Speculoos are Belgian cookies that have a distinctly brown sugar sweet and mildly spiced flavor. My first encounter with them was in a non-traditional cookie form studded with almonds from the Belgian owned Le Pain Quotidien restaurant group. These cookies were perfect. Nutty, sweet, spicey and super thin and cripsy. I loved them.

I next enjoyed them in spreadable form over Belgian style liege waffles at Shaky Alibi. This spreadable cookie butter was irresistable. I can’t really describe it, it is more a magical thing that happens when you spread it over already delicious things like waffles or pancakes or toast. To really understand cookie butter you need to try it. One spoonful and you will be hooked. It is essentially speculoos cookies (biscuits) ground up into a peanut butter like texture.  I love it in between two warm chocolate chip cookies or served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The possibilities of cookie butter are endless and their magical effect on the foods they are paired with is spectacular.