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National Donut Day 2015

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Have you heard? It’s one of the best days of the year – National Donut Day! Let’s celebrate with a dozen donuts, what do you say? Here are a few of my favorite donuts in LA (in no particular sugar filled order).

That mouth-watering picture above is from Primo’s, one of my favorite mom and pop donut shops in LA. They are located in West LA if that is your neighborhood or if you are passing through and they are definitely worth a stop. I think their buttermilk bar is the best buttermilk bar in LA!


Maybe on of the best donuts I’ve ever eaten and certainly worth the drive to Costa Mesa (Santa Monica location please hurry up and open!). I love that you always get the donuts warm and fresh. The butter & salt and the vanilla bean glazed twist are in a tie for first place.


There is no denying that these donuts are almost too cute to eat! They have fun, colorful cereal toppings or are shapped like pandas with oreo ears. Pro tip: you can advance special order custom letter donuts too!


This is truly an LA staple. Located in the heart of the Original Farmers Market on Fairfax you can see regulars enjoying a coffee and donut as they probably have been for decades. The maple bar and crumb cake are delightful!


My Portland favorite donut shop is making it’s way to LA this summer and I couldn’t be happier! Their perfectly fried and fluffy donuts with fun flavors like Bourbon Blueberry Basil and Bananas Foster are sure to win over LA donut lovers.




National Donut Day!


Everyday is National Donut Day isn’t it? Well, I guess technically it is not, although it certainly feels like it or maybe it’s more that I make everyday National Donut Day. But today is in fact National Donut Day, so happy National Donut Day!

Whether you are in LA, NYC, ATX, PDX or any other wonderful city or town there is a donut out there calling your name. Answer the call – eat a donut today!

Los Angeles, CA


In a city filled with donut shops, there is no shortage of options for celebrating National Donut Day, but how about we get creative. What if I told you that to celebrate you could enjoy with a donut ice cream sammie? Two wonderful sweets together as one. Two please! Today Coolhaus and Donut Snob join forces to offer a limited number of donut ice cream sammies. A vanilla glazed donut with some coffee ice cream sounds like a match made in dessert heaven!   <Available at the Coolhaus Culver City shop after 6pm while supplies last>

Austin, TX

photo (2)

You can enjoy the same fun donut ice cream sammie offering from the Coolhaus ATX truck parked at 6th and Waller from 6pm-midnight! Enjoy a local farmers market fave Red Rabbit vanilla lavendar donuts paired with Coolhaus mango sorbet and Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

OR you can always hunt down my Austin decadent donut fave Gourdoughs. Have a Funky Monkey for me will ya!

New York City, NY


You New Yorkers are blessed with having Doughnut Plant on your island. I’m jealous! If I lived in NY I’d likely have a doughnut a day. Do you? Break that Doughnut Plant routine just this once and celebrate National Donut Day with a different kind of donut. Head over to Tres Carnes to enjoy a double smoked churro donuts filled with crema de carmelo from Fanny Gerson (owner of LaNewyorkina). If that description didn’t make your mouth water, one look at these beauties will. I want one! Have one for me, pretty please.

Portland, OR


I just returned from Portland. I ate A LOT… of donuts. They were so good, but Blue Star Donuts, well those are the best seriously! Bourbon Blueberry Basil was the standout donut for me. Imaginative flavors, freshly fried fluffy fat donuts. These donuts are magical. Portland go get one of these to celebrate!


Happy donut eating!