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National Donut Day!


Everyday is National Donut Day isn’t it? Well, I guess technically it is not, although it certainly feels like it or maybe it’s more that I make everyday National Donut Day. But today is in fact National Donut Day, so happy National Donut Day!

Whether you are in LA, NYC, ATX, PDX or any other wonderful city or town there is a donut out there calling your name. Answer the call – eat a donut today!

Los Angeles, CA


In a city filled with donut shops, there is no shortage of options for celebrating National Donut Day, but how about we get creative. What if I told you that to celebrate you could enjoy with a donut ice cream sammie? Two wonderful sweets together as one. Two please! Today Coolhaus and Donut Snob join forces to offer a limited number of donut ice cream sammies. A vanilla glazed donut with some coffee ice cream sounds like a match made in dessert heaven!   <Available at the Coolhaus Culver City shop after 6pm while supplies last>

Austin, TX

photo (2)

You can enjoy the same fun donut ice cream sammie offering from the Coolhaus ATX truck parked at 6th and Waller from 6pm-midnight! Enjoy a local farmers market fave Red Rabbit vanilla lavendar donuts paired with Coolhaus mango sorbet and Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

OR you can always hunt down my Austin decadent donut fave Gourdoughs. Have a Funky Monkey for me will ya!

New York City, NY


You New Yorkers are blessed with having Doughnut Plant on your island. I’m jealous! If I lived in NY I’d likely have a doughnut a day. Do you? Break that Doughnut Plant routine just this once and celebrate National Donut Day with a different kind of donut. Head over to Tres Carnes to enjoy a double smoked churro donuts filled with crema de carmelo from Fanny Gerson (owner of LaNewyorkina). If that description didn’t make your mouth water, one look at these beauties will. I want one! Have one for me, pretty please.

Portland, OR


I just returned from Portland. I ate A LOT… of donuts. They were so good, but Blue Star Donuts, well those are the best seriously! Bourbon Blueberry Basil was the standout donut for me. Imaginative flavors, freshly fried fluffy fat donuts. These donuts are magical. Portland go get one of these to celebrate!


Happy donut eating!

Belgian Sugar Pies | The Best Pastry in Los Angeles


In a city filled with such a large variety of amazing sweets it is hard to choose a favorite pastry. Often times what I think is my favorite at the time is really just dependant on my mood or craving that day. Do I feel like a glazed donut, a cake donut, a Peruvian donut, you get the picture. Well, I’ve found it! While Bouchon Bakeries kougin-amman ranks up there with the best sweets I’ve ever eaten, Short Cake’s new Belgian sugar pie is tops!


A delicate croissant shell snuggly cradles cream custard. The edges are dusted with turbinado sugar giving it a gentle crunch. This pastry is subtle, simple and sublime. It is something to savor and treasure. That sweet cream center tugs at my heart strings and fondly reminds me of fresh kaymak and bread in Istanbul (one of the best things I ate on my vacation there last year). This pastry is sweet, but not that sweet so it is perfect for those who “claim” to not like sweets and my fellow sweet fiends alike. Simplicity always wins and this pastry is simplicity at it’s finest.

Belgian sugar pies are only available at Short Cake Friday thru Sunday (that’s today!) so indulge yourself this weekend. You can thank me later.


6333 W. 3rd St. Stall #316
Los Angeles, CA 90036

National Pie Day!

Did you know yesterday was National Pie Day? I didn’t either honestly until I saw the twitterverse abuzz with pie. So naturally I had to go celebrate.


I enjoyed a slice of my favorite banana cream pie from Clementines. The crust is perfection. Slightly salty, crunchy yet crumbly and buttery. The filling is creamy, thick and topped with a generous heap of fresh whipped cream. Not a banana fan, well their key lime pie is equally as delicious.

Picture 2

If you need an excuse to enjoy pie, how about a belated National Pie Day celebration at the Fruit + Flour ‘Pie of the Month Club‘ event. I am a proud memeber of this pie of the month club and I can happily attest to the beauty of these pies. Each month’s flavors are so lovely, so tasty, so wonderful. This month you can enjoy as slice of lemon tart with rosemary infused crust. See you there?

Bouchon Bakery | The Sweeter Side of Beverly Hills

To start off the new year I went on a sweets crawl of Beverly Hills with my friends Krista Simmons and Nick Wilson. It was epic sweetness overload and the highlight of it was Bouchon Bakery. I could have spent the entire day in that sweet little spot devouring everything they had to offer. From canele’s to chocolate bouchons to bread pudding and even pretzels there was nothing here that I didn’t fall head over heals in love with!

The “queen” of Bouchon Bakery’s pastries truly is the kougin-amann (prounounced queen ah-mahn). The kougin-amann hails from Brittany, France. It is folds of lamenated dough (think croissant meets palmier) sprinkled with butter and sugar with a caramelized sugar bottom. Bouchon’s kougin-amann is doughy and delicate with a sugar coated bottom like a creme brule. It is a disc of caramelized sugar that shatters with each bite, sticky and addictive. This pastry is absolutely heavenly- rich, decadent sugary perfection.


You can also enjoy this kougin-amann in bread pudding form. Yes even more butter and sugar, warm and gooey and luscious. Ask for it warmed if you are enjoying it at the bakery or heat it up at home.


Another favorite was the seasonal almond croissant. It was floral, zesty gorgeouness. Perfectly flaky, tender and packed with winter citrus. I can’t wait to try their summer version!

Read more about our sweet crawl through Beverly Hills here.



Sweet Gifts That Deliver | A Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that gift giving time of year again, have you completed all of your holiday shopping yet? If you need a few fun ideas that don’t even require you to step into a mall or battle for parking, then I’ve got you covered.

Here is my gift guide for the sweet lover in your life (and they all deliver!):

Compartes Chocolates

Gourmet chocolatier Jonathan Grahm crafts beautiful confections from truffles to chocolate bars. My favorite of his chocolate delights are the ‘love nut’ – hand roasted nuts (you choose your favorite nut) caramelized with Tahitian vanilla, sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt, coated in a blend of chocolates and topped with raw cacao powder. They are a mouthful of goodness and make for one sweet present!

Donut Snob

There is bound to be a donut lover in your life (maybe it is yourself) so why not gift them a dozen donuts. LA based Donut Snob delivers specialty donuts, flavors like the Oinker (maple bacon) and Raspberry Lemon Lulu (stuffed with raspberry coulis and lemon zest).  These donuts are pillowy soft and incredible. Who wouldn’t love a box of gourmet donuts delivered to their door?

Le Bon Garcon

Le Bon Garcon is hands down my favorite caramels ever. Justin Chao, the mastermind behind Le Bon Garcon, delicately crafts the butteriest luscious caramels.  These caramels are so good it is hard to choose a favorite. I love the nutty crunch of the macadamia caramels, but I also love the tropical burst from the mango-passion fruit or sometimes I’m in the mood for the simple and classic salted caramel. But the newest holiday flavor – Bon Hiver (persimmon, guava and lime) tastes like a holiday pie. It is slightly spiced, fragrant and just wonderful. Give the gift of caramels this holiday season!

Crème Caramel LA

Crème Caramel LA offers velvety rich crème caramels in assorted flavors along with the most swoon-worthy bread pudding in town. Best part is that you can find that at local farmers markets AND they deliver. A box of crème caramels and bread pudding, I think that would make just about anyone burst with joy.


How about receiving ice cream monthly. Sounds good right! I think it does. Coolhaus now offers a pint or sammie of the month club. You can pick up in the store or have a new surpise pint or custome four pack of ice cream sammies delivered to your door monthly. It’s like a wine club, but way cooler and sweeter. Anyone want to buy me a membership ;)? Coolhaus also now overs Haus-made products like chocolate nutella spread, marshmallows and bacon salt. Yum!


Want something not food related for your sweetie? Then these Poketo tea towels are for you. Featuring hand-printed design in candy pink and cocoa brown, it is adorned with cute images of cakes, pies and ice cream. They are perfect for displaying with your freshly baked muffins or to just hang up in the kitchen. Non-edible sweetness!

Happy shopping. I hope you are able to find the perfect sweetness for your loved ones!

National Pastry Day!

Sunday (December 9th) is National Pastry Day! It seems like there is a holiday for every type of food product out there, in fact it seems like everyday is a food holiday. BUT there are two of these food holidays that I completely support – National Pastry Day and National Doughnut Day. Both two very important holidays wouldn’t you say?

So in honor of National Pastry Day I offer you some wonderful pastry selections to drool over! Sweet to savory there is a pastry out there for everyone. What are you waiting for? Go celebrate, every day can be National Pastry Day with the array of awesome pastries LA has to offer.

Recently opened Copenhagen Pastry offers traditional Danish pastries. If you love custard or almond you will love their plethora of pastry because almost each and everyone has either almond or custard or both. The Spandauer has a custard center with tucks of almond pastry lining it’s outer ring of delicate puff pastry. Sweet and simple.

Sycamore Kitchen offers some tasty crostatas, scones, muffins and tarts. In the mornings I love the blueberry almond finanicer, it is sticky chewy and sweet or the sour cherry scone with all of it’s crumbly goodness. In the afternoon I like to treat myself to a brown butter mini date bundt cake, I’m addicted!


Who can deny the beauty and pleasure one gets from biting into a croissant! Buttery folds of danish dough. Fill it with ham and cheese and it gets even better! A flaky mess on your lap that leaves your smiling with delight and Proof has a good one. Get their early when they are super fresh!

While it is no secret that I love EVERYTHING at Short Cake, surprisingly I often order the comte thyme croissant. The savory nutty cheese mixed with the fresh thyme fold perfectly into the braided croissant. Each bite is magical (and messy). Perfect for those savory pastry lovers.

Tierra Mia‘s guava and cheese pastry is incredible. I love the combo of guava with sweet cheese, it is tropical and satifying. A magical pairing with their coffee.

If you frequent the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market they you are certainly familiar with Valerie Confections. One of my favorite stops in the market I love their seasonal selection of pastries. If you are a fan of scones their sour cream is to die for, but sells out quick. My favorite is their rotating selection of hand pies. The pies are buttery, flaky perfection. And hey since Sunday is National Pastry Day and the same day as the market so here you go, no excuse not to celebrate!

Big Gay Ice Cream

This week LA is graced with the one week pop-up of New York’s Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and boy is this girl excited. I’ve already made one visit to the truck with friends and we waited over a half hour for their soft serve delights. It was worth it. I’m planning visit number two this afternoon. Fingers crossed they have their Monday Sundae this time!

The Big Gay Ice Cream truck is a NY fave offering a variety of soft serve cones and sundaes. The truck is adorned with rainbows, unicorns and Bea Arthur, it is just fabulous. They are best known for their ‘salty pimp’ flavor:   vanilla soft serve piped with dulce de leche sprinkled with a generous amount of sea salt and coated in chocolate. It is sweet, salty and wonderful.

We also enjoyed the Bea Arthur cone. Upon first bite it may seem a touch boring, but don’t give up hope the crushed nila wafer coating lends a buttery sweetness to the soft serve.

To end it all we had the Mermaid sundae. Fresh lime curd coated soft serve dusted with graham cracker crumbles. Delicate and light. I enjoyed the sundae, but I missed the cone.

The best part of all are the cones. So salty and delectable. The salty pimp cone was oozing dulce de leche. By the time you get down to the cone it is slightly tender from the melting soft serve. Crunchy yet soft, sweet yet savory bites. I savored the cones.

LA you have two more days to find Big Gay and get some soft serve love so what are you waiting for. Sure there are lines, sure it is just soft serve, but it is fun tasty tasty fun!  Check out their website for their weekend stops.

Ice Cream Break | Ube Shakes

Ube: Filipino purple yam, or as I like to think of it sweet purple heaven. Confused by the color or the name? Don’t be shy, just trust me and  order an ube shake. You will love it. Ube and coconut ice cream and a little bit of milk meet a blender and something magical happens. Sweet purple milkshake heaven. You can experience this piece of icy cold heaven at the Oinkster in Eagle Rock.

Everytime I go to the Oinkster I order an ube shake. I usually pair it with an original pastrami sandwich and their insanely addictive Belgian fries. I am hardly able to walk out I’m so stuffed, but even bursting at the seams it is impossilbe to go to the Oinkster without getting an ube shake. Ube shakes make for the perfect ice cream break!


Ice Cream Break | Scoops Westside

End of the week… time for an ice cream break!

Scoops Westside is the solution to your ice cream cravings. They offer 10-12 different flavors daily (follow them on Twitter or fan them on Facebook to see each days delectable offerings). Scoop’s is run by the charming Matt Kang, say hi if you stop by he is awesome!

Their brown bread ice cream is one of favorite flavors. Sure the salty banana oreo is great and the apple pie ice cream too, but the brown bread is wonderfully simple and perfect. Sweet creamy caramel loveliness studded with Grape Nuts that have a delicate softness from sitting in the ice cream. It has a rich nutty sweetness that I just love. Each Grape Nut filled bite is nostalgic for me and makes me remember loving soggy Grape Nuts for breakfast as a child. Did you eat Grape Nuts? Seems like a strange cereal for a kid to like but I did. And hey, since there is cereal involved, could brown bread be breakfast? Ice cream for breakfast, let’s try it.

Sitting in Scoops Westside with a cup of brown bread enjoyed with one of their cute and colorful spoons is all I need for the perfect afternoon ice cream break. And they have fresh coffee too! A coffee and ice cream break all in one – a great way to end the week.

check out their awesome video… and go get some ice cream!



Ice Cream Break | Short Order Custard Shakes

It is hot! I’m melting kinda hot! So naturally I want ice cream. Ice cream really is so much better in the summer time. So shall we take an ice cream break?

Or how about a shake break? Great when you are on the go and need a cold refreshment. Short Order offers some incredible custard shakes. While I love a good milk shake, custard shakes really bring more to the table. Short Cake makes the sweet custard that is the base of all of Short Order’s custard shakes. They use Strauss dairy for their custard and it is churned at a slow pace. Custard shakes have a higher fat content than regular ice cream shakes, which gives them that thick velevty wonderful texture. Coffee malt is one of my favorites. Coffee fix plus shake break all in one.

If you are a fan of the vanilla custard shake from Shake Shack in New York then give the vanilla custard shake at Short Order a try it is equally as amazing. Each tahitian vanilla filled sip and I am whisked back to Madison Square Park and wonderful Shake Shack memories. When I first had this vanilla shake I was so thankful to have finally found a cure for my Shake Shack craving right here in LA.

If you’re feeling lucky, try ordering the off-menu special Black Forrest custard shake. So rich, so chocolatey, so wonderful. Best part is enjoying the luxardo cherry on top!

Take an ice cream break, you deserve it.