10 responses to “Bouchon Bakery | The Sweeter Side of Beverly Hills”

  1. Lien

    You’re a kougin-amann! Miss you, Stassie.

  2. Gastronomer

    This post makes me happy. Fuck detoxing and cleanses in the new year ;-)

  3. banana wonder

    The almond croissant sounds delicious with a citrus tang! Also, whoa, pretzel spotting! Tell me about it!

  4. Esi

    Such a good bakery. It’s better for my hips that I don’t work across the street from there anymore.

  5. Kirstyn

    That looks AMMAAAAZING! I love canales!

  6. lynn @ the actor's diet

    i’ve yet to try the kougin-amann but i have sampled many of bouchon’s deliciousness – looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!!

  7. Rachel

    Oh, I loved my visit to Bouchon! I’m originally from England before I came to LA, and I also lived in France, so I hold my pastries to a high standard, and my bread. I really don’t like most of the bread you can buy in general stores like Trader Joes or Ralphs, so I originally headed over there for bread, but I had a sandwich and some pattisserie, and while they were not perfect, they are the closest thing to authentic Paris I have tasted since moving to Los Angeles!

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  10. Kristine Hinterkopf

    Their Kouign Amann is insanely good. I always tell myself I’ll only eat half and save the rest for later – never works out that way though!!

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