I have two occasion for celebration today – it is my 3 year bloggiversary and my birthday too!

Will you have cake with me?

How about Chocolate Cardamom Cake? Deep chocolatey goodness so moist and rich with a slathering of fluffy sweet buttercream with a grated cardamom dusting. You can find this little beauty at Short Cake.

Speaking of cake and all things delicious let’s talk about Short Cake LA shall we? Short Cake bakery opened up in the Original Farmers Market on 3rd Street and Fairfax (Los Angeles) at the end of last year. It is the creation of the late Amy Pressman, well-known for her many years of incredible baking throughout Los Angeles, and it is currently helmed by the sweet and talented Hourie Sahakian.

Short Cake has quickly stolen my sweet heart.

From croissants to cookies, scones to bar, cakes to pies they have exceptional quality, impecable flavor and memorable baked creations! I’ve sampled all but 5 items on their menu and I am determined to eat them all.

Do I have a favorite? It depends on what I’m in the mood for, but here are a few of my loves… and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen these before. My regular visits to Short Cake make up a lot of my Instagram feed. I’m kinda obsessed.

Comte thyme croissant is my go to savory pastry and one of the best croissants in town. It is super buttery with a cheesy tender center. The thyme is fragrant and permeates the dough. The crust is fantastically flaky to the point that you are covered in croissant when you are finished eating.


The buttercup. Croissant dough in a tightly packed muffin form. Ultra buttery rich and coated with cinnamon sugar love. Croissant dough, cinnamon sugar, do I really need to say more?


Orange poppy seed tea cake is incredibly aromatic, zesty, light and satisfy. I especially enjoy the delicate crunch from the poppy seeds. It is the perfect afternoon treat.


Roasted banana cake. Think banana bread but better. A little lighter, sweeter and more complex than your average banana bread but still maintaining all the simple deliciousness that makes classic banana bread so enjoyable. And roasted bananas, um why aren’t all bananas roasted? Their bright caramel flavor enhances the whole experience.

And the shakerado pictured next to it, yeah get that too! My friend Adrianna introduced it to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is the beautiful love child of espresso, milk and honey shaken up into a frothy sweet work of art.

And now for the good stuff… to celebrate these birthdays I’m giving away a $25 gift card to Short Cake!

I will select a winner at random on Monday, but until then here is how you can enter to win (and you can increase your chances by doing 1, 2 AND 3). But be sure that you also give me your First and Last name and an email address so that I can contact you if you win.

  1. Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite Short Cake treat is or what you most want to try from Short Cake.
  2. Follow me on Twitter, Like Let Me Eat Cake on Facebook or Instagram and leave me a comment letting me know that you did.
  3. Follow Short Cake on Twitter or Like them on Facebook and leave me a comment letting me know you did.

* gift card will be held under your name for you at Short Cake LA available for redemption on your next visit*


38 Comments on Short Cake LA | Two Birthdays and a Giveaway!

  1. I LOVE their twice baked croissant. I’d LOVE to win gift card so I can try their bread pudding, scones, and more yummy coffees.

  2. OK, I haven’t been (of course it opened AFTER I moved out of the immediate neighborhood) (though I have been to the burger place and dude, those spuds are awesome) but you had me at Chocolate Cardamom Cake. Yes please! And happy birthday!

  3. I love their feta scallion scone, as well as their plain croissants. They’re just so perfect and flakey. A perfect croissant is hard to come by in this city, but Short Cake delivers.

  4. Had no idea something so delicious was so close to work!!! I’m thinking my favorite will be an iced latte and a hazelnut croissant….YUM!

  5. ooh, that’s like asking to choose one’s favorite child!! but if i must, the idea of a chocolate bun bread pudding sounds heavenly!

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  6. That chocolate cardamom cake sounds ridiculously amazing. No need to enter me in to the giveaway, but happy birthday and blog birthday to you! Miss you! xo

  7. Happy birthdaaay! (and happy blogiversary!)
    I’ve only had Short Cake’s almond croissant but now I really want to try that Comte thyme croissant

  8. Hau’oli la Hanau and Hau’oli la Ho’omanao! (Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary)
    Love comparing our notes, although I haven’t had what you have had at Short Cake except for the Comte & Thyme croissant which I absolutely love! And that is my favorite thing! I hate it when I have croissants that aren’t flaky and more bread-like. The texture of their croissants are simply perfect, but also makes my heart ache to be back in Paris at all the patisseries and cafes.

    I have also had the Apple Cider Spice cake. Everything you would assume by it’s name…multiply that by 10 and bam! The apple, the cider, the spice! Each bite is exploding with all the components.

  9. OH my oh my! First, Happy HAPPY Birthday to both you and Let Me Eat Cake!

    Second… where to even begin?? I haven’t tried anything from Short Cake yet, but have had the salted caramel (!!) latte, brunette bar, mini pies, and cashew cookie on my radar for some time! I would certainly make very good use of the gift card. 😀

  10. ..more than most, I know how much Amy loved and trusted Hourie to lovingly create and produce all of the pure, delicious treats and meals that everyone enjoys each day. Whether a Birthday or otherwise ( and Happy Birthdays, always) the delectable tastes they’ve concocted, are always an event to celebrate..since they were and are borne of love and skill. Enjoy it all.

  11. Hi!! Liked you on facebook (don’t have a twitter). I haven’t ventured to short cake yet, but i’d like to try the tarts, croissants, and tea cakes. Happy birthday.

  12. Hi – thanks to you,I had the brioche donut and banana cake yesterday, both delicious. Fan and follower on Twitter and will follow Short Cake too.

  13. i would love any one of their cakes they sounds delicious. and I’ve heard their coffee is really good I want to try that too!

  14. happy birthday!

    i would have to go with the banana cake. although the snickerdoodle sounds divine!!

  15. As a loyal and devout follower of Let Me Eat Cake on FB and Twitter, I would love to try the roasted banana cake. One of my favorite flavors at my soon to be new favorite bakery, SHORT Cake.

  16. I’ve got to be honest, in this world full of lattes and cappuccinos, what I love most is their good old cup of coffee. Cup of joe has become a lost art and they have perfected it. Any pastry is just an added joy to delicious of good brew! 🙂

  17. Happy birthday and blog birthday! It was so hard to narrow down but I really want to try the buttercup. Without your description I wouldn’t have known what it was, but it sounds so good!

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