15 responses to “Muffin Mondays | Coffee Break Muffins”

  1. lynn @ the actor's diet

    i like to waffle-ize things the same way you like to muffin-ize them!

  2. marissa @ the boot

    this is so creative! now i want to try to muffinize my morning italian espresso! :)

  3. Stay-At-Home-Chef

    I think a sweetened condensed milk glaze would be fantastic with these muffins! I’ve already made two batches (the first disappeared too fast!) Happy Muffin Monday :)

  4. Gastronomer

    Vietnamese coffee muffins? I had this same idea a few months ago but never executed. Girl, our minds are MAGICAL LIKE THAT. Here’s to hoping round 2 is a huge success.

  5. Elliott

    I love this one. I love your muffinization of all things and I think the recipe looks inspired and delicious!

  6. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    these sound so good! the spices are perfect and coffee is always perfect :)

    love the muffin monday concept!

  7. Baker Street

    a sweetened condensed milk glaze sounds like a great idea N! :)

  8. Let Me Eat Cake

    A- Definitely going to make that glaze next time!

  9. Kate @ FoodBabbles

    I love that you just used the word “muffinize.” :) You’re too cute! And I love your idea for these muffins, even if they didn’t necessarily come out as planned. They sound delicious and should you give the Vietnamese muffinization again, I’ll be on the look out for it.

  10. Esi

    Ah, bummer they didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted, but they still sound good.

  11. Nomsnotbombs

    “Muffinize” is an excellent verb.

  12. Darin Pye

    I admired your useful site. great work. I hope you write more. I will carry on reading

  13. elena @3greenonions

    I also suffer from the horrible muffinizing-disease:) I’m sure the glaze would be great on these. I love them.

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