12 responses to “Muffin Mondays | Mocha Chocolate Chip Muffins”

  1. Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    IS THIS YOUR VIEW! I wanna come over and have a muffin now.

  2. James Jones

    Hello Nastassia,
    Cool Post, My friend and I are planning on buying muffins during our break in school one day a week for the rest of the year, but we can’t decide if we should buy them Mondays or Fridays. Muffin Mondays is an alliteration, but Muffin Fridays would be nice to celebrate the week ending.

  3. Baker Street

    I totally agree with you about baking in the rainy season! Your view is gorgeous and the muffins look delicious. :)

  4. Kate @ Foodbabbles

    Love the view!! Bet these scrumptious muffins taste even better in your new home :) Happy Monday!

  5. Esi

    I need one of these right now.

  6. Jayasri

    Wow, what a beautiful view, absolutely Fantastic, I would love to have those muffins and the view too…, beautiful clicks, you have a fantastic blog…., do visit me when you have time…

  7. Gastronomer

    Can’t wait to see your new home! And I have coffee-flavored muffins on my to-bake list too :)

  8. Barbie

    Beautiful view! Must be nice to wake up with a view like that. ;)

    Glad to be baking with you this week!

  9. bananawonder

    i am totally with you on not wanting chocolate in the morning besides in croissant form so these must be where it’s at. nice work, as always!

  10. Cupcake Kat

    These muffins look delicious and your new home sounds lovely

  11. chocolate cake recipes

    I really like the idea of this i might try it I am thinking adding yogurt to them will stop them from drying out.

    chocolate cake recipes

  12. Julia Page Bosertinos

    Some people throw their coffee in a compost pile, but most of their coffee grounds to throw in the trash.

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