Sometimes you find the most sensational desserts at the most unassuming of places.

On a visit to the elusive Macallan £10 bar, located above Scarpetta at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, I was excited to get the opportunity to enjoy beautifully hand-crafted Macallan cocktails. Our bartender prepared an off the menu cocktail that suited my specific taste (sweet) right at our table: nutmeg, cinnamon syrup, demerara sugar cube, bitters, Macallan scotch and magic (I swear)! It was a cocktail equivalent of a decadent dessert poured over perfectly spherical ice. I sipped and savored each drop of my wonderful cocktail, but did not expect to discover a dessert menu that piqued my interest at a bar of all places.

Enter Macallan £10 Caramel Vanilla Budino ($12).  To me, caramel means love. Who doesn’t love toasty, buttery and velvety smooth caramel vanilla pudding? This budino was exceptional. It had warmth and pizzazz. It was topped with a tender crumble and streaked with strands of salted caramel sauce. It was finished off with a delicate quenelle of whipped cream and a sprinkling of sea salt flakes. The caramel pudding is utterly transformed by the many layers of this budino. The silky pudding folds into the yielding toffee-like crumbles that mix into the gooey sweet caramel sauce and are rounded out by the cream and balanced by the slivers of salt.  This is a sumptuous dessert that you will savor and dream of.  It is worth a visit to experience a perfect day of indulgence.

Macallan £10

225 North Canon Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

* disclaimer: drinks and food were graciously comped by the Montage BH*


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