Dough. The name says it all. This small doughnut joint in Brooklyn, NY is a doughnut lover’s paradise. You walk in and are greeted by big, fluffy, yeast raised doughnuts in a variety of mouth-watering flavors. The active ovens in the back fill the small space with the loveliest perfume of freshly baked dough. It was hard to choose from so many enticing flavors, but given the size of these doughnuts I knew we had to narrow it down to just a few. We ordered a cheesecake doughnut, a blood orange glazed doughnut and some toasted coconut doughnut holes. With a cup o’ joe and a glass of milk, I was eager to dive in!

The cheesecake doughnut was hands down my favorite of the bunch. The soft and sweet cream cheese slathered atop the doughnut was a glorious paring. It had hints of lemon and a delicate crunch from the graham cracker crumbles sprinkled on top.  It maintained a nice balance of sweet, tangy and rich flavors, all in all delightful!

The blood orange glazed doughnut looked better than it tasted. The bright pink hue of the glaze paired with the impeccably placed candied orange was too beautiful to pass up. The flavor however was cloyingly sweet and overpowered the dough. I still ate the entire thing, but I do wish I had tried the chocolate with cocoa nibs instead.

To top off an already decadent breakfast of champions, we ordered a half a dozen toasted coconut doughnut holes. The doughnut hole texture is slightly different from that of the larger version. The edges have a nice crispy oily bite. The toasted coconut glazed was creamy and nutty with tasty long strands of toasted coconut.

Do I think Dough is better than Doughnut Plant? Let’s just say they are different and both in a class of their own. Doughnut Plant has the cake doughnut nailed and I don’t think anything else compares, but yeast doughnut versus yeast doughnut Dough may have a very slight upper hand. The toothsome bite, the yielding folds of dough and the sheer density make me swoon! Mmm doughnuts!

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  1. Lynn, I have yet to go to Donut Man if you can believe it! I am so ashamed and will fix this immediately 🙂

  2. These look delicious!! I LOVE the Doughnut Plant and have sent my boyfriend on a mission to bring me back some from NYC while he is there this week. Now, I will have to add something from DOUGH to his list of goodies for me!

  3. this is near my apt yet I have never been here! i will have to make a stop for breakfast soon those donuts look good.

  4. Maria- they have such a great flavor selection!

    Esi- um can i join you on that flight! 🙂

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  6. oops….now yer gonna have to go back….and get the cafe auleit doughnut…cut that’s the most amazing of the bunch….!! …..hey, the brooklyn roasted coffee is awesome, too…!!

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