9 responses to “Shake Shack NYC”

  1. Alejandra

    I love that you got hotdogs while waiting for your burger!

  2. the roaming belly

    ok, fess up. what’s better, in-n-out or shake shack?

    i LOVE thick milk shakes. yumz.

  3. lynn @ he actor's diet

    ahhhh, shake shack! i remember when i lived in nyc and it just opened; funny to see what a crazy phenomenon it has turned into. i will definitely be hitting it up again when i return end of june!

  4. Pinoy Panda

    After all these years, you know I still haven’t been. We passed it twice on my recent trip to New York last February. First after our dinner at Maialino’s and dessert at Eataly. (Too full to eat anymore) Then right before our dinner at Eleven Madison Park. (Didn’t want to ruin appetite). I will definitely not miss it this coming October.

  5. freesoft

    Thank you..really informative!!

  6. Allison [Haute Box]

    HELLLLO! That looks amazing. Next time I am in NYC, I am hittin’ up the Shake Shack. You have me inspired…so much that I want to grill a burger tonight and make a homemade shake!

  7. Esi

    I wanttttt!

  8. Reuben

    I had my first taste of Shake Shack during my first visit to NYC 2 years ago… I’ve been trying to find something in California that even resembles the burgers there.

    I definitely have to agree that Shake Shack is much tastier than In-n-Out…

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