18 responses to “The Best Doughnuts in NYC- Doughnut Plant”

  1. Food GPS

    Cool. I’m also a fan of Doughnut Plant. That carrot cake ‘nut looks especially good. Glad to see you mention Frittelli’s. That was my all-time L.A. favorite. Unfortunately, they were either ahead of their time, or in the wrong location. We’ll probably find a suitable replacement with fonuts. That should be good, even if Waylynn Lucas’ donuts won’t be fried.

  2. Gastronomer

    I am so totally getting a coconut cream doughnut when I’m in NYC next week! And as for Fonuts, WTF?! Not fried? I am very skeptical. I hope Chef Lucas proves me wrong.

  3. Hemang

    They look so good. In the words of the immortal Homer Simpson, “mmm, donuts.”

    Lucky you! When I go back I’ll definitely have to check it out!

  4. Esi

    Oooommmggg. This is putting my morning oatmeal to shame

  5. fel

    If you liked Doughnut Plant, you should try Dough in Brooklyn the next time you’re out here. I had them for the first time this past weekend – they also have great flavors but the dough’s even fluffier/lighter than Doughnut Plant!

  6. Pinoy Panda

    I’ve been a total fan of the Doughnut Plant since they opened. I agree that they are one of the “best things on earth!” On our recent trip, we made three stops there and I took home over $50 worth to share with family and friends. The crème brulee and the carrot cake doughnuts were amazing. As was the coconut cream, pistachio, tres leches, valrhona, organic orange, jelly doughnut………….

  7. Olga @ MangoTomato

    oh how I wish I would have gone there when I was in NYC in March ;( The doughnuts looks amazing: love all different shapes :) And the art on the walll!
    I’m with you: not a cake doughnut fan.

  8. Leandra Wortham

    Awesome! We are going to NYC in July- definitely going to try the donuts. More foodie recommendations please! :)

  9. Vxronica

    Wow, this might just put Voodoo to shame. Next trip to NY gets a donut mission for sure!

  10. Allison

    Wow! All these doughnuts sound amazing. Now you got me wishin that I had one right now!

  11. Jojo

    Awww this post made me so hungry ):

  12. Kung Food Panda

    Donut Plant has the best donut in the United States! Next time I need to try a bottle of that milk.

    BTW, if you ever travel to Asia, most notably Japan or Taiwan, try Mr. Donut. Their Matcha Green Tea donuts are my favorite! :)

  13. Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    I went a few days ago and had the creme brulee doughnut, and OMG was it amazing. I loved how small it was compared to the others–made total sense since it was definitely sweeter. Can’t wait to go back and try the others.

  14. National Donut Day!

    [...] New Yorkers are blessed with having Doughnut Plant on your island. I’m jealous! If I lived in NY I’d likely have a doughnut a day. Do you? [...]

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