15 responses to “Momofuku Milk Bar: All Hail Butter and Sugar!”

  1. lynn @ the actor's diet

    i had won a cookie giveaway a while ago – am dying to try the crack pie in person!

  2. bagnatic

    the cereal milk soft serve sounds divine. my favorite part of the cereal eating experience was slurping the milk at the very bottom. oh dear…nyc is so far away from l.a.

  3. Jessica

    i can’t believe I live in NY and I still haven’t tried this! cereal milk, man that sounds good!

  4. Esi

    I’ve made crack pie and compost cookies before. I want to try the real thing and see how they compare.

  5. Kung Food Panda

    That’s my motto when I was in NYC: “Go Big or Go Home!” :)

    I picked up a dozen cookies from Milk Bar and recently had my friend bring me back a dozen more. Mine were all pre-packaged. Did you go to the one on 56th Street?

  6. Hot Pink Manolos

    Ooh, just one more thing to add to my to do list! :)

  7. Allison

    All those goodies look amazing! That Cereal Soft Serve sounds especially good.

  8. Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    AHHH! The crack pie was so good and buttery! I went there right after Doughnut Plant so I took everything to go on the plane and it worked out perfectly. Next time I go, I’m definitely getting the soft-serve–it looks SO delicious!

    P.S. The best meal I had in NY was at Caracas Arepa Bar. It’s right around the corner from Milk Bar and is seriously the best arepa I’ve ever had.

  9. Mui Kosters

    Good post, I’ll read a few of your other ones if I can find myself around the site xoxoxo

  10. Latonia Rushford

    I’ll be sure to check out a few other of your posts whilst I’m here xxx

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