Sometimes all you need is to eat your way through San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit. Walking along the water, riding the cable car up and down the rolling hills and visiting old friends – these are the things I really love about SF. And whenever I am in this gastronomic heaven of a city I do not hold back – every whim, every craving is satisfied!

Sometimes all you need is a hunk of cake from Citizen Cake.  One of my favorite SF restaurants, Citizen Cake has recently relocated to Pacific Heights but it is still worth looking for. The dinner never disappoints and while the dessert offerings (for a place with cake in its name) are somewhat limited, they always hit the spot. On my last visit I enjoyed a slice of Retro Tropical Shag cake- rum soaked genoise, passion fruit mousse and a coconut vanilla cake. Soft and moist with a fantastic tart bite from the passion fruit, each bite was joyful.

Sometimes all you need is a good old cannoli. Pizzeria Delfina has renewed my faith and love for cannolis. After a few awfully disappointing cannoli experiences, I can honestly say that until my visit to Delfina I had not had a cannoli for 10 years. After an absolutely phenomenal lunch (the fried broccoli with pecorino and pepper was to die for!) we perused the daily dessert specials, torn between the baba au rum with tangerine sauce and the Bell Weather Farms ricotta cannoli. We finally settled on the cannoli, with some apprehension, but were so pleasantly surprised. The shell was perfectly fried, not too oily, and the filling was fresh bright and delightful.

Sometimes all you need is a pot de crème. If you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco then please go to Miette and enjoy a pot for me! Sometimes sweets just make it all okay.

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  1. i love citizen cake! for a while I thought they closed so happy to find they just relocated!

  2. I never make it to Miette because I always eat way too much Acme Bread, Cow Girl Cheese and Bocolone meat to have room for anything else 🙁 and it always looks so darn good! Next trip for sure!

  3. these are definitely some great sweet finds! i’ve never tried citizen cake so just looked them up their menu looks good!

  4. Hi! Couldn’t find your email address, but love the blog and wanted to mention you on my blog. Do you mind? Also, do you have a button that I could use when I mention? (Obviously it will be linked back to you 🙂

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