14 responses to “Creme Caramel LA – A Love Story”

  1. Kung Food Panda

    I’m sold! I’ve been meaning to try them out for awhile now. It’s my favorite type of dessert. Thanks for the post! :)

  2. The Duo Dishes

    How does one choose between the bacon bread pudding or the creme caramel? Is that why you end up walking away with both? Ack!

  3. g-ma

    Yum! Thank you, and darn you :-), for reminding me how good these are. I’m going to have to get a few at Artisanal LA this weekend!

  4. Esi

    I MUST get my hands on that bacon bread pudding.

  5. jenjenk

    crap. now you’ve introduced ME to this. I may have a serious problem now!!! this just looks too good to pass up!!

  6. Jenny

    what caramel heavenly goodness! i will definitely pick one up this weekend thanks for sharing :)

  7. Christina

    ARG!! I need to try this now!

    Too bad I’m working this weekend….

  8. janice chang

    thanks for sharing! i went to Artisanal LA to try Creme Caramel and I can totally understand why you are in love, it is amazing and the owner is the sweetest lady ever!

  9. Jenny (VintageSugarcube)

    LOVE your blog and also love the LA eating! I live in San Diego, so don’t get the LA goodness as often as I like. Is your food truck at the Downtown Art Walk the second Thursday of the month? :)

  10. Diana

    I really must try the creme caramel the next time I visit Kristine at the farmers’ market. But I’m scared now… if I have one bite, I might never be able to stop! My waistline may never recover!

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  12. Allison

    This sounds absolutely amazing. I wish I had one in my neck of the woods!

  13. Deon Steinhauser

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  14. Shaina Bielik

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