For a very special birthday dinner, R surprised me by taking me to Hatfield’s. This was my first experience enjoying a meal prepared by Quinn Hatfield and all of the reviews ring true- the food is phenomenal. Now let’s move on to dessert!

Coconut Custard “Macaroon” with marinated pineapple and vanilla tapioca. I changed the sorbet from elderflower to blood orange, since I’m not much of an elderflower fan. The blood orange was zesty and tart and provided a nice contrast to the sweet flavors of the custard. Sweet tapioca pearls for the base for a delicate and smooth coconut custard. A thin disc of a meringue with toasted coconut crowns the custard. Surrounding the dish is small chunks of sweet, almost boozy pineapple. Gather this all in one bite and the textures are amazing. There is a little bit of everything – chewy, crunchy, creamy, soft and juicy. This dessert packs a fascinating complexity of flavors. There is a depth to the pineapple and a hidden ingredient in the custard. The whole experience will leave you mmm-ing and sighing

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  1. I'm actually going to dinner at Hatfield's on Friday! So excited — I have my eye on every single one of their desserts! 😉

    Hope you had an amazing birthday!

  2. Diana- I had the most amazing dinner and we did actually order 2 desserts I just talked about one hehe 🙂 the bread pudding sounded amazing we got beignets, but please don't miss this coconut custard macaroon it is divine!

  3. I hear amazing things about Karen Hatfield's desserts, I might just make a visit to Hatfield's for only dessert since that is probably all I can afford :)n

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