82 responses to “Sweeten Up Your Day with Macallan … and a Give-Away!”

  1. Donahl Davila

    You had me at MACALLAN

  2. Donahl Davila

    You had me at MACALLAN

  3. chester

    Talk about taking very good ingredients and doing very little to them! Bourbon and vanilla milkshakes, move over! Macallan Honey Cake is here!!!

    This wonderful post reminds me of a time in Rome many years ago, when after an amazing meal the waiter brought an affogato di gelato, which I had known to be gelato drowned in cold espresso. But in this case, a small bowl of dark chocolate gelato was brought next to a shot of single malt scotch whiskey. He then dumped the whiskey over the gelato and walked away….it was heaven. Thank you for reminding us of the many ways good whiskey can improve our lives!

  4. Elle

    Oh, the Scottish Honey Cake looks gorgeous! that's one I'd definitely try!

  5. Elle

    And now following @EdenAlgie on twitter. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  6. Katalonius

    Vanilla and toffee? Yes, please. The Maple Macallan Glaze sounds so good right now.

  7. Katalonius

    Following @EdenAlgie now. Good stuff.

  8. cheeseball

    I am fallowing @EdenAlgie

  9. V

    I am following @EdenAlgie

  10. Timm

    I've been following you for a while, thanks for the great contest and all the best!

  11. Scott Spolverino

    Following Eden Algie. These look delicious. It's nice to see whisky being used in cuisine. Mostly its entrees with meat and stuff (salmon with whisky sauce is awesome) but it's rare to see a scotch incorporated into a dessert, especially a baked dessert. Definitely going to have to try to make this. A shame I'm a terrible baker.

  12. ccboobooy(charity)

    I would love the donut holes.

  13. Charity(ccboobooy)

    I would love the donut holes.

  14. Colin

    This goes back to what I've always thought. Scotch IS a breakfast food. I'll have to try with donuts though.

  15. Colin

    I am following him on Twitter too.

  16. Anonymous

    Those glazed donuts rock!!



  17. Dana

    I'll be making the honey cake this weekend – we attended the tasting here in Atlanta last week – excellent presentation! Just wish it had been quieter, I missed about half of it. Ah well, I guess that means I need to catch them next time around too!

  18. chesh

    I love donuts, but that honey cake (sans the nut topping, as I'm allergic) looks heavenly so I'd have to go with that.

  19. chesh

    And I, @cheshster, am now following @EdenAlgie.

  20. aaron

    im (@acumen) following @EdenAlgie

  21. aaron

    i'd have to say the doughnuts, but maybe just the scotch

  22. Pitboss12

    I've never thought about doughnuts and scotch but it's definitely on the to do list. The glaze recipe sounds great!

  23. Adam Snider

    Wow. The donuts look awesome! I think I'm going to have to try that myself.

  24. Adam Snider

    Also, I'm following @EdenAlgie (I'm @ink_slinger, if you need confirmation).

  25. JuLo

    The honey whiskey cake sounds awesome!

  26. Leandra Wortham

    This sounds amazing! The Scots would love this idea! Whiskey+donuts= pure genius!

  27. EdL

    The whisky donuts sound like winners to me.

  28. EdL

    Also, following @EdenAlgie (as @sibuduh). These all look good, really, especially since I've been in Oman since October :P

  29. cktk

    Yes please! I would love to try these out.

  30. Thomas

    Great post. What about a recipe for making the doughnuts?

  31. Steve

    i’d have to say the doughnuts, but maybe just the scotch

  32. Nana Poyser

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