I wish it were Saturday. I wish I were walking around the Ferry Building with Christina and Angela. I want to feel the cool Bay Area breeze. I want to hear the cacophony of the different people enjoying the farmer’s market behind the building. I want to see the bridge in the distance while eating my fresh Taylor pear. I miss San Francisco, but cliché, as it may be I miss Saturday morning in the Ferry Building the most.

There is something grand about the Ferry Building with its high ceilings and perfectly manicured stalls. There is something enthralling about Miette Patisserie and Blue Bottle Coffee the lay within its walls. It is an engrossing place the Ferry Building is. One could spend the morning lost in the riveting produce aisles, oyster bars and wine racks. The perfume of freshly baked bread and fresh wheels of cheese hugging each step through its halls.

Angela (Spinach Tiger), me, and Christina (HotPinkManolos)

tomato varieties I’ve never even seen before

bright peppers and eggplant

stunning purple pluots

a tangle of grapes

a bunch of blossoms

a sweet basket of baby corn

a treasure trove of jar filled jewels

a tasty treat for R

sweet, juicy, perfect

baked beignet bites

miette confection masterpieces

blue bottle coffee, there is no coffee like this!

It is no wonder so many before me have also fallen in love with San Francisco!

23 Comments on I Left My Heart In San Francisco!

  1. I love the ferry building! Going to the farmers market there is one of my favorite things to do here on the weekend 🙂 Great pictures!

  2. I just re-visited SF for the 3rd time this season and have to say the Saturday morning market at Ferry market is quite pathetic compared to the Saturday SanMo as well as the Sunday Hollywood farmers market in terms of both selection, and well.. selection. There are very few spice/herb stands, there are almost no protein sources save some eggs. It's nice, but you can't eat only persimmons during December.

  3. I love the Sat. Market at the Ferry Building!!!….as someone who has lived in both N&SoCal; and frequented many FM for pleasure and profession; that market is one of my favorites! Love your blog, great pics…funny, it doesn't look like you only ate persimmons during your trip ; )

  4. It was so nice meeting you last weekend as well! The crumble would be amazing with any fruit, so experiment and let me know what you think. I adore the Ferry Building too and it's a given that I'll visit at least once whenever I go home. I do think the Hollywood Farmers' Market is better as far as selection goes, but it's the entire feel of the Ferry Building market that draws me back time and time again. And it's by the water! If you're feeling the Blue Bottle urge before you return to SF, you can find it at Equator Books/Cafe on Abbot Kinney. They're one of two places down here that serve it!

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